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  • Jackson Electric Membership Corporation

    About Us

    Jackson EMC is a member-owned and member-governed cooperative. By the very makeup of our more than 230,000 members, we represent and serve a vibrant and diverse community. Our corporate voice represents the values we support as citizens of that community. As we have for over 80 years, we stand by the cooperative principles, especially our seventh cooperative principle: Concern for Community.

    Right now, racial discord is causing our community great pain. When our community is hurting, we are hurting. Our community needs healing that will only be achieved through open hearts, open minds, and a willingness to listen and take peaceful, purposeful steps toward understanding.
    Our cooperative actively opposes discrimination in every facet of our business. And we believe everyone should enjoy fair treatment and equal justice. Just saying it doesn’t make it happen, though. We ask you to use your voice and engage in your community in a purposeful and positive way. Working together, cooperatively, we can achieve lasting and meaningful change.
    Chip Jakins
    President & CEO